Creative Fundraising Event for Kitrinos Refugee Healthcare

August 31, 2019 all-day
Fell Edge Barn
Fell Edge farm
Addingham Moorside
Richard Solomons

Come for music and food from many countries, fun, games, family friendly workshops,  jamming, open mic, DJ’s till late, – camping overnight available


Moria in Lesvos  is one of the worst camps in the world. It feels unsafe, 27 refugees are crowded into each shipping container. Adjacent containers may contain people from opposing sides in the war from which they have fled. For the 3000 people for whom there is no container, there are tents, night time temperatures can be -5C. They have intermittent electricity if they are lucky.  They are frightened, traumatised, under-clothed and often penniless. Food queues last 3 hours. Queues for documents can take all day. 200 people a day queued for the Kitrinos doctors and 80 were seen. Primary medical care is almost entirely provided by volunteers.


Money donated to Kitrinos goes to the refugees, administrators and medical staff are volunteers so costs are minimal. The translators are refugees and are paid. New arrivals get no money for 8 weeks. Kitrinos provides their medication.


The waiting room, volunteers and translators taking initial histories


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