Wild Prayer – 5 Rhythms Dance

November 12, 2021 – November 14, 2021 all-day
Fell Edge Barn
Emmalene Katayama

Wild Prayer-  a call from the heart, through the body and mind to our wild spirit, and the source of our connection to an all-encompassing sense of mystery and life-force.

“Wild: of an animal or plant living or growing in a natural environment.”

This moving body of ours is our natural environment, our heart, our mind.

What is the call that runs through it? What clues do our longings give us? Why do our Wild Prayers matter? Especially now as things fall apart, what if this were the crack we need to evolve, to go back to basics. Pray. What does that word even mean? Let’s find out for each one of us and collectively.

Using a set of physical, emotional and mindful anchors or tools from which to explore our moving selves, we’ll open the floor to explore the movement of our Wild Prayer.

Our exploration will be supported by Open Floor dynamic movement with a variety of music, enquiries, reflection and simple awareness meditation practice.

Everyone is welcome and we will create a ritual space together on Saturday night.



Fell Edge Barn is nestled in a beautiful tranquil spot.
The Barn has a lovely spacious wooden dance-floor, toilets, showers and a well equipped kitchen including 2 fridges and freezers.
There will be soup provided after our dance on Friday night, and a range of teas, herbal and caffeinated, throughout the dance. There is spring water from the tap. We shall share food for lunch on Saturday and Sunday – optional bring your own food if preferred.
There are plenty of local B and B’s and AirBnB’s to choose from online to meet your budget or preference. Places on Addingham Moorside are usually within walking distance. Within 5 mins drive there is the picturesque Addingham Village down the hill and on the other side of the hill lies Silsden. The old Spa town of Ilkley with the famous Cow and Calf stones is a 10 minute drive away. Skipton, an old market town is 15 minute drive away.There’s lots od accommodation in between and further.

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