Renting Fell Edge Barn & Land

We are a ‘not for profit’ enterprise and the money that is made repairs the fences, improves the barn, plants trees and so on.

We like to keep the use of the land in balance, it needs plenty of meditative activity between parties/large events. We vary our charges according to whether the event is very community orientated or more commercial, (we prefer not to host very commercial activities).

The charges are a based on an average event that charges £40-50 a day for attendance.

Price Rates



1-9 People
£80 plus £30 after 6pm
10-19 People
£110 plus £45 after 6pm
20-29 People
£140 plus £60 after 6pm
30-39 People
£170 plus £75 after 6pm


£50 to hold a date, this also covers the cleaning deposit

Returnable up to 6 weeks before. If you cancel less than a 6 weeks before and  we get another booking in that period to fill your spot, we would return the deposit.

Camping & Staying Overnight

In a tent no cost additional to the above.

Sleeping in the barn £5 a night per person.

Community Gatherings

We are happy to host larger charitable and community events.

Full payment including the cleaning deposit should be made before the start of the event. (Unless negotiated beforehand)


We can park 30 Cars on hard standing if they are well parked. Please encourage participants to car share and to use public transport.

Over this number, if it is dry and the ground is hard, we can park 30-40 cars in our the field, which is on a slight slope.

Cleaning & Other Costs

Cleaning the barn and toilets etc so that it is sparkly takes 5-6 hours and costs £50 and we ask for this as a deposit.

Wood is £15.00 a wheelbarrow.

Heating the barn with the biomass boiler for a day in winter costs £30 if the outside temperature is averaging 8ºC.



Insurance – You must have your own event insurance and we would like to see the document or have a written assurance that it is up to date.

Dogs – Absolutely no dogs of any shape or size even if totally friendly.

Drugs – Illicit substances are forbidden.

Alcohol – Alcohol fuelled events are unwelcome.

Health & Safety – There are the usual risks encountered in a non urban setting. There is a large pond in which children could easily drown. There are climbing nets, a trampoline and trees. Use of these is at the organisers’ risk. Fell Edge Barn does not accept any responsibility.