Systemic Constellations/ Entanglement to connection

Constellation Workshop. Life, in Flow

From entanglement to connection: Exploring life and work through systemic constellations.

Systemic Constellations give a new perspective on issues at a much deeper level than can be gained through working things out a rational level. It takes us thorough entanglement to connection.Through using the wisdom and intelligence of our bodies, we can feel the benefit of the work in our whole self, not just in the mind, and it changes our relationship to whatever issue we bring. It’s an approach that is applicable to any system and, since we are all part of  several systems (eg. our body, our family, our team, our community), everyone can gain from the work both directly from their own constellation and from participating in those of other people.

In a constellation workshop, group members are used to map out relationships between people (or other elements of a system), and the wisdom of their embodied experience is harnessed to provide new insights into hidden forces underlying difficult human situations and new ways of meeting challenges.

A constellation can also help us gain insights into forces underlying societal issues and through seeing the bigger picture we gain a greater understanding of the issue. Whatever the type of constellation, the process puts us in touch with our deep interconnectedness and, whether bringing an issue, taking part in someone else’s constellation, or witnessing the work as part of holding circle, everyone is enriched by this heart-opening experience.

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